True blue Grit
This is the #1 grit for your avian friend.
This light-blue colored grit contains the following ingredients:
Washed ocean sand   Fine ground oyster shell
Corn flour   Sea salt
Sucrose   Anise

And the following trace minerals:
Ferrous oxide Zinc oxide Magnesium Oxide
Calcium Oxide Phosphorous Boron
Bromine Ferrous sulfate Copper sulfate
Manganese sulfate Zinc sulfate Nickel sulfate
Silica Sodium Potassium
Calcium carbonate Iodide Iodine
Bone meal Cobalt chloride Iron oxide
Minimum Calcium: 09% Minimum Iodine: .005% Minimum NaCl: 1.4%
Maximum Calcium: 12% Maximum P.: 4% Maximum NaCl: 1.8%
Sprouting Mixture

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Avian Vitamins
Blue Grit

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This product is conveniently packaged in the following sizes:
1 Kg. (2.2 lbs.) 5 lbs. 20 lbs.
$7.75 $14.50 $42.00
This product is superior in every instance to any comparable product on the market and is recommended for all seed-eating birds that require grit. It is an excellent supplement at egg-laying season for its’ calcium content.

This product is also an excellent replacement for pickstones used by pigeon fanciers and racers.