Sprouting Mixture

In response to many inquiries a bean/pulse was formulated to our customers specifications.

This mixture contains the following grocer-grade beans and pulses:

Black Eye Turtle beans Black Turtle Beans Kidney beans
Great Northern beans Mung beans Navy beans
Pinto beans Red Whole Lentils Romano Beans
Soya beans Green Whole Lentils Green Peas
Yellow Peas Popping Corn Corn
Chick peas Garbanzo beans Red beans

This mixture can be either cooked or sprouted.

Sprouting generally begins with-in a few short hours and can be fed within 12 hours of first immersion into water - so basically overnight.

Freshly sprouted or cooked pulses and beans have very a high fiber content and the useable nutrition changes dramatically as the beans are cooked or sprouted. As well; the ability of a birds digestive tract to process this cooked/sprouted food is greatly enhanced as the proteins and carbohydrates change into a more usable form.

This product is packaged in the following easy-to-use sizes:

4 lbs. 25 lbs.
$6.95 $35.00

Sprouting Mixture

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