Eggfood is an essential supplement to the daily ration. It is necessary because it supplies nutrients not or not sufficiently present in regular bird food (seeds, vegetables, fruits, etc.).

Eggfood contains, among many other items:

- valuable animal proteins

- minerals (mass & trace elements)

- specially added essential amino acids lysine and methionine

- vitamins

Breeding and molting periods are productive periods during which the young are raised and new feathers are formed. It is a stressful time for adults and young alike. This demands a higher performance of nutrition. Therefore; during the breeding and molting periods, seed eating birds require a good mixture of seeds, together with eggfood being 1/4 of the daily ration. Do not feed eggfood on the day of hatching - egg yolk residue absorbed at birth will suffice for the first day.

The correct quantity and quality of food per day is an important factor for the adequate absorption of seeds and eggfood alike. Unbalanced nutrition must be avoided.

The resting period is a time of maintenance and makes less demands on feeding. This, however; does not mean our birds don't require nutrients, even though there is a re-duced demand for some nutrients during the rest period.

It is sufficient to provide eggfood as 1/4 of the daily ration only 2-3 times per week, rather than daily. This will provide the birds with a sufficient high quality animal protein for maintaining body cells as well as vitamins and the minerals for digestion and metabolism.

Vitamins and minerals are necessary nutrients required only in small doses. These substances consist of extremely small particles to ensure equal distribution within the mixture. It is unnecessary to supplement the feed with additional vitamins if commercially produced eggfood is fed daily to healthy birds. Any addition of fat-soluble vitamins to eggfood can lead to large reserves in the liver, causing deformation. Only add vitamins to eggfood on the advise of a veterinarian.

To ensure good absorption of eggfood; it is advisable to mix the feed with a few small drops of clean (filtered, if possible) water, to obtain a crumbly mixture.

Store eggfood in a dry, cool location in a closed container (safe from insects, etc.).

Ask for the Best Before Date. Only purchase commercially produced eggfood to avoid many problems such as salmonella poisoning, undercooking or larval infestation.

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JUST FOR BIRDS has two selections of eggfood in several sizes for the customers convenience. CeDe is a product sold world wide and imported from Belgium while Ravasi is, again, an internationally reputed manufacturer based in Italy. We chose these two companies based on the quality of the product, cost to the customer and the products’ reputation.


1 kg.(2.2 lbs) 5 kg.(11 lbs.) 10 kg(22 lbs)
Boxes Pails Case
$9.90 $42.00 $84.00

This product is enclosed in pressure sealed foil packs with a modified atmosphere to prevent both product oxidation and infestation.

5 kg.(11 lbs)
Foil bags

Mito: $44.50 12% egg
Bisko $42.00 5% egg

This product is enclosed in pressure sealed foil packs with an inert gas atmosphere called “Fresca” to prevent product oxidation and infestation.

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