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What can we say?
There is nothing to compare with having and holding a book. For us, Siriwan and I; reading has always been a pastime.
Our eldest boy, Asanee at the age of 8, has been apprised with a grade 6 level reading ability. Atid is only 6, but; has already devoured over 100 books.

In order to share our love of books; we have committed to helping our customers by providing a stock of books that is probably second to none.
Presently; there is a stock of over 250 avian book titles in the store. And; about 50 additional electronic media presentations with avian titles are stocked on the racks.
Each book has its own place with the cover showing. We have books on parrots and domestic avian interests. We also have pigeon books and some wild-bird books, game bird and specialty fowl books.

There are books on avian medicine and behaviour and training.
Below is a selected list of some of the books that are stocked.
We do have many more, so; if you need something special: please ask.
If we don’t have it; chances are we can obtain it for you.

Following is a printed list in three formats.

Firstly; we have selected a group of books to showcase their covers with a review and a brief description.

Another format is broken into groups such as ABK > a publisher.

The third format is into groups such as species, behaviour and health, etc.

Of interest to us and, obviously, to many others in the avian world; the largest selection of available books is on the topic of behaviour and care.

So: let’s start with the Australian Birdkeeper Series:

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A Guide to Asiatic Parrots (Revised Edition) Pages: 88
Authors: Syd and Jack Smith Cost: $32.50
Review: General Management, Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Keeping Records, Ringing, Stock Management, Pairing and Mating, Handraising Asiatic Parrot, Surgical Sexing, Diseases of Asiatic Parrots, Common Health Problems in Asiatic Parrots, Prevention and Control of Disease within the Aviary, Stress and Disease, Basic Rules used to Prevent Disease entering an Aviary, Recognizing Disease, Health Check of Newly Acquired Birds, Physical Examination, Quarantine of New Birds, Worm Infestation and Treatment. Species:
Indian Ring-necked Parrot and its many mutations, the Alexandrine, Plum-headed, Derbyan, Malabar, Slaty-headed, Moustache, Malayan Long-tailed and Blossom-headed Parrot
Containing over 70 colour images of Asiatic Parrot mutations, this title also features genetic tables and information on nutrition, housing, breeding and mutations.

Pages: 80
Author: Russell Kingston
Cost: $31.50
In Review:
Introduction, Management, Nutrition, Housing, Compatibility, Methods of Regulating the Breeding Season, Fledging and Weaning, Fostering, Colour Mutations, Common Health Problems, Diagrams.
The popularity of Australian Grassfinches worldwide is largely due to the hardiness of these tiny, gregarious and colourful birds. The 18 members of the Grassfinch family Estrildae recognized in Australia are featured in detail. Diagrams indicating visual differences and some 160 coloured photographs support the 80 pages of text. A must for every finch breeder’s library.
Beautiful Firetail Finches, Black-throated Grassfinches - White-rumped, Black-rumped, Blue-faced Parrot Finches, Chestnut-breasted Munias, Crimson Finches - Black-bellied, White-bellied, Diamond Firetail Finches, Double-barred Finches - White-rumped, Black-rumped, Gouldian Finches - Black-headed, Red-headed,

Yellow-headed, Long-tailed Grassfinches - Yellow-billed, Red-billed, Masked Grassfinches - White-eared, Painted Firetail Finches, Pictorella Munias, Plumheaded Finches, Red-browed Finches - Lesser Red-browed Finches, Red-eared Firetail Finches, Star Finches - Eastern, Western, Yellow-rumped Munias, Zebra Finches.

Pages: 112
Author: Chris Hunt
Cost: $34.50
Review:Management, Housing, Feeding and Nutrition, Breeding, Diseases and Disorders Common to Cockatoos, Species Profile covering Distribution, Subspecies, Sexing, Breeding, General Comments and Mutations.
Richly illustrated and full of practical hints, this well-researched, well-written book features facets of the author's personal experience with the Australian White Cockatoo family which shines throughout its 112 full colour pages.
Species: Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Short-billed Corella, Eastern Long-billed Corella, Major Mitchell's Cockatoo and Galah.

A Guide to Incubation and Hand-raising Parrots
Pages: 104
Author: Phil Digney
Cost: $32.50
Incubation - Artificial Incubation, Meet the Egg!, Choosing an Incubator/Hatcher, Equipment, Handling the Egg, Incubation, Hatching Details, Problems and Troubleshooting, Egg Weighing.Handraising Parrots - The Goal, Fundamentals, Brooders and Brooding, Formulas, Feeding Instruments, Feeding the Newly Hatched, Growth Phase, Peak/Weaning Phase, Weaning Black Cockatoos, Pulling Chicks, Troubleshooting.
A comprehensive book in lay terms with reasonable advice.
JUST for BIRDS note:This is one of three books that are a “must” to have as a handy reference.

Cost: $49.50
Authors: Neville and Enid Connors
Pages: 160 pages
Review: Authored by successful breeders Neville and Noddy Connors, this title featuring 300 colour photographs over 160 pages is available in hard and soft cover.
Chapters on Black Cockatoos in Captivity include Taxonomy, Conservation Aspects, Status, Housing, Nestlogs, General Husbandry topics and Feeding.
Species:The individual species section features all the black cockatoo species and subspecies of the genus Calyptorhynchus, the Palm Cockatoo Probosciger aterrimus and the Gang
The extensive Breeding chapters include invaluable information on the Selection of Breeding stock; Pair Compatibility; Colony Breeding; Providing a Haven for the Hen; Management of the Aggressive Cock; Mating and Infertility and Nest Inspection. A good amount of detail has been devoted to the Artificial Incubation and Handrearing chapters.
Gang Cockatoo Callocephalon fimbraitum. Information on each species includes their Distribution and Habits in the Wild, Diet, Breeding, Handrearing and growth charts, Status and
The next section discusses Black Cockatoos as Pets which guides the pet owner through Selection, Preparing a Home and points on what to expect over the first days of relocating a new pet into the family environment. Other details include Diet, Taming and Behavioral Problems in companion birds.

Suitability as Pets in Captivity. As Neville and Noddy Connors have not had the opportunity to keep the Palm Cockatoo they approached William Horsfield of Amazona Birds in South Africa to prepare this chapter. William has not skimped on his information on keeping and breeding this grand species.

Their Management, Care and Well-being
Cost: $35.50
Author: Dr Michael J Cannon
Pages: 112
Review: Why Do Birds Get Sick?, So You Have a Sick Bird, How Do I Know if my Bird is Sick?, Signs of Illness, How to do a Physical Examination, How to Make Your Visit to the Veterinarian more Successful, First Aid, Purchasing Your First Bird, Annual Health Examination for Pet Birds, Hints on Keeping Birds in Captivity, How to Set Up a Quarantine Program, Medicating Birds, Bird Restraint, Common Problems, Infectious Diseases, Exotic Diseases, Non-Infectious Diseases, List of Common Diseases According to the Species, Post-Mortem Examination for the Aviculturist, Antibiotics in Aviculture, Avian Parasite Control, Psittacosis, Disinfection. Diagrams:
Features of a Typical Bird, The Alimentary Canal of a Typical Bird, The Respiratory Tract of a Typical Bird.
Tables: Table of Antibiotics, Common Parasiticides.
JUST for BIRDS note:This is one of three books that are a “must” to have as a handy reference.

Since its first publication in 1996, A Guide to Basic Health & Disease in Birds has proven to be one of the most sought after and respected titles worldwide in this generic range of avian publications. It is a credit to the author, Dr Michael Cannon. His devotion and concern for all aspects of avian health and husbandry have again been reflected in this revised edition.

A Guide to Cockatiels and their Mutations
Cost: $32.50
Authors: Diana Andersen and Peggy Cross
Pages: 96
Review: History, Acquiring Stock, Housing - Conventional and Suspended Aviaries, Feeding, Breeding/Sexing, Compatibility, Nest boxes and Mating, Egg Laying and Incubation, Hatching, Artificial Incubation, Chick Development, Handrearing, Weaning, Pet Cockatiels, Pet Cages, Colour Breeding and Mutations, Colour Breeding, Accurate Record Keeping and An Understanding of Genetics. Mutations:
Pied, Lutino, Pearl, Cinnamon, Fallow, Silver, Platinum, Silver Spangle, Whiteface, Yellowface.

A Guide to Gouldian Finches and their Mutations (Complete Revision)
Cost: $49.95
Contributing Authors: Milton Lewis, Dr Rob Marshall, Dr Terry Martin, Ron Tristram
Pages: 160
Review: A comprehensive on-stop book for the Gouldian aficionado. A must-have for the Gouldian breeder.

A Guide to Grey Parrots As Pet And Avairy Birds
Cost: $59.95
Author: Rosemary Low
This superb colourful title authored by Rosemary Low, includes 168 pages of comprehensive information on this species in the wild and in captivity as an aviary and companion bird.

In Captivity - Accommodation for Breeding Pairs, Breeding, Artificial Incubation, Hand-rearing, Holiday Care, A Healthy Diet and Diseases & Disorders.

As Companion Birds - Selection and Purchase, Preparing a Home for your New Pet, Enrichment and Mental Stimulation, General Care, Pet Characteristics and Traits, Talking and Mimicry, Psychology and Common Behavioral Problems.

Aviary Birds (New in 2006)

Features colour photographs.

History, In the Wild, Worldwide Trade, Subspecies, Physical Characteristics, Colour Mutations, Abnormal Colouration.

Author: Toby Martin Cost: $31.50

Management, Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Hybridizing, Ringing, Keeping Records and Surgical Sexing.

This title features over 160 full colour images of mutations in the Neophema and Psephotus Grass Parrot group. There are examples of breeding expectations, housing, feeding and management


Bourke's, Turquoise, Scarlet-chested, Elegant, Blue-winged, Rock, Orange-bellied, Red-rumped, Mulga, Blue-bonnet, Hooded, Golden-shouldered and Paradise Parrot.

A Guide to Macaws as Pet and Aviary Birds Cost: $38.70
Author: Rick Jordan 136 pages
Section 1: Breeding Macaws (including aviary design and construction, nutrition, breeding, incubation and hand-rearing, diseases and disorders).

Section 2: Macaws as Pets and Companion Birds (including housing, feeding, health aspects, behavioral problems).

Section 3: Species: Blue and Gold Macaw, Scarlet Macaw, Buffoon’s Macaw, Military Macaw, Green-Winged Macaw, Red-Fronted Macaw, Hyacinth Macaw, Blue-Throated Macaw, Severe Macaw, Red-Bellied Macaw, Illiger's Macaw, Yellow-Collared Macaw, Blue-Headed Macaw, Red-Shouldered (Hahn's) Macaw, Red-Shouldered (Noble's) Macaw. Captive Rarities: Spix's Macaw, Lear's Macaw. Gone Forever: Glaucous Macaw, Cuban Macaw.

Recognized internationally as one of the world's most accomplished and talented aviculturists, published author and speaker, Rick Jordan has produced the perfect companion for anybody interested in macaws, be it as a pet or as breeders.

Featuring spectacular full colour photography throughout, this 136 page soft cover title is packed with valuable and highly useable information.

A Guide to Pet and Companion Birds
Cost: $34.50
Authors: Ray Dorge and Gail Sibley
96 pages

This informative and often amusing 'introduction to bird keeping' appeals not only to the novice or want-to-be bird keeper, but also to the seasoned aviculturist looking for a refresher on the basics. Based on the authors' combined 30 years of bird keeping experience, this guide walks you through the process of selecting a bird right for you, caring for that bird, and understanding its behaviour. This 96 page full colour book also guides you through the growing pains of increasing your bird family, including what to do when your birds have gone forth and multiplied. All in all, the authors help you to create a happy and healthy environment so bird keeping will always be pleasurable.


Pet Care - Why in Heavens Would Anyone Want a Bird for a Pet?, Responsibilities! What Responsibilities?, Making a Natural Selection, Bringing Your Bird Home, Bird Keeping - A Family Affair, All to do With the Cage, What's on the Menu?, Attending to Your Bird's Personal Grooming, Keeping Bird-fit.

Behaviour - The Not-So-Secret Language of Birds, Low Risk Bird Handling, Taming, Training, Did Someone Say I Have a Behavioral Problem?, Increasing Your Flock, Afterthoughts, Aviculturist Responsibilities as a Whole, Parts of a Typical Parrot.

Pages: 152
Author: Peter Odekerken
Cost: $38.70

In the Wild, Lories and Lorikeets in Captivity, Diseases and Disorders, Lori and Lorikeet Species, Mutations.

Completely reformatted and revised including new sections on Lories and Lorikeets as Pets, Diseases and Disorders and Colour Mutations and Breeding Expectations, Peter Odekerken's A Guide to Lories and Lorikeets is bigger, better and more colourful than the highly successful original edition. Peter's exceptional photography again is beautifully supportive of the informative text which together make this a must-have title.

JUST for BIRDS also carries Nekton Lori; the complete Lori diet – for when only the best will do.


Black Lori, Duyvenbode's Lori, Yellow-streaked Lori, Cardinal Lori, Black-winged Lori-, Blue-streaked Lori, Red Lori, Red and Blue Lori, Violet-necked Lori, Dusky Lori, Rainbow Lorikeet, Red-collard Lorikeet, Scaly-breasted Lorikeet, Ornate Lorikeet, Green-napped Lorikeet, Mitchell's Lorikeet, Weber's Lorikeet, Edward's Lorikeet, Rosenberg's Lorikeet, Massena's Lorikeet, Perfect Lorikeet, Goldie's Lorikeet, Mt Apo Lorikeet, Varied Lorikeet, Black-capped Lori, Chattering Lori, Yellow-bibbed Lori, Purple-naped Lori, Purple-bellied Lori, Stella's Lori, Musk Lorikeet, Little Lorikeet, Purple-crowned Lorikeet, Musschenbroek's Lorikeet.

A Guide to Pheasants and Waterfowl
248 pages
Author: Dr Danny Brown
Cost: $63.00
General Management, Housing, Compatibility and Hybridization, Restraint and Handling, Flight Restriction, Nesting Facilities, Reproductive Manipulation and Sexing, Incubation Troubleshooting, Nutrition, Making the Most of your Avian Veterinarian, Choosing your Stock, Common Diseases and Disorders, Administration of Medications.

Author of the highly regarded A Guide to Pigeons, Doves & Quail; Dr. Danny Brown has produced this superlative title on pheasants and waterfowl. The informative, easy-to-read text is lavishly supported with beautiful colour images throughout. Covering all aspects of caring, housing, management and breeding of these unique birds, this title is a credit to the author and an ideal reference source.


Waterfowl - Magpie Goose, Black Swan, Mute Swan, Canada Goose, Cape Barren Goose, Grass Whistling Duck, Water Whistling Duck, Burdekin Duck, Ruddy Shelduck, Australian Shelduck, New Zealand Shelduck, Egyptian Goose, Grey Teal, Chestnut Teal, Pacific Black Duck, Australasian Shoveler, Pink-eared Duck, Freckled Duck, Australian Wood Duck, Green Pygmy-goose, White Pygmy-goose, Mandarin Duck, Carolina Duck, White-eyed Duck, New Zealand Scaup, Australian Blue-billed Duck, Musk Duck.

Pheasants - Silver Pheasant, Swinhoe's Pheasant, Siamese Fireback Pheasant, Nepal Kalij Pheasant, Golden Pheasant, Lady Amherst's Pheasant, Reeve's Pheasant, Ring-necked Pheasant, Red Junglefowl, Blue Peafowl, Green Peafowl, Guineafowl, Chukar Partridge.

A Guide to Colour Mutations and Genetics in Parrots
Pages: 296
Author: Dr Terry Martin
Cost: $70.00
Presented in three parts, the author takes the reader through a comfortable and absorbing introduction to understanding the basic principals of mutations and colour genetics in the first two parts. The information has been supported throughout with a plethora of colour photography resulting in a highly digestible and understandable journey. Part three is for the adventurous, being the technical manifest of genetics in parrots.

This title, that has taken Australian author, Dr Terry Martin BVSc, some five years to complete, is the most definitive, collective work ever attempted on this intriguing and contentious subject. Drawing on information from specialist parrot mutation breeders from all over the world, Terry Martin has collated over 700 colour photographs in this 296 page soft and hard cover title within text that is both approachable and easily understood.

JUST for BIRDS note:

This book is a “bible” for mutations and anyone interested in mutations or genetics.

Part 1

• Understanding Mutations

• Understanding Basic Genetics

• Establishment of New Mutations

• Primary Colour Mutations

• Key to Naming Mutations

Part 2

• Combinations of Mutations

Part 3

• Scientific Investigation of Colour Morphs

• Loci for Colour in Parrots

• Index of Primary Mutations by Species

Over 80 species of parrot are discussed with numerous examples of breeding outcomes to assist the breeder in understanding how various mutations can be bred and developed. The underlying objective throughout this book is Terry's attempt to standardize the naming of colour mutations internationally. All in all a compelling read that will undoubtedly stand the test of time and become a major reference source for many years to come.

A Guide to Zebra Finches
96 pages

Authors: Milton, Joan and John Lewis
Cost: $31.50

History and Ecology, Housing, Feeding, Health, Choosing and Acquiring Brood Stock, Preparing Birds for Exhibitions, Science and the Zebra Finch, Federation Show Standard: A Critique, Australian Colour Varieties: Their History and Origins.

This title features 96 pages of easy-to-read, highly informative text, including all currently recognized Australian Colour Varieties on these internationally popular endemic birds. Full colour throughout, this book is a must for any Zebra Finch enthusiast.

A Guide to Popular Conures as Pet and Aviary Birds
112 pages
Authors: Ray Dorge and Gail Sibley Canadian authors from B.C.

Cost: $34.50

Conure Behaviour, Obtaining a Conure, Husbandry, Housing, Diet and Nutrition, Diseases and Disorders, Pet Quality and Mutations.

Featuring 13 of the most popular conures kept as pet or aviary birds throughout the world, this title is packed with easy-to-read, highly usable information and features full colour superb photographs throughout. Combined with their own experiences, Ray Dorge and Gail Sibley have recorded the results of an extensive research of large conure breeders. This title is sure to satisfy all fanciers and breeders of these wonderful parrots.


Sharp-tailed Conure, Golden-crowned Conure, Janday Conure, Sun Conure, Dusky-headed Conure, Patagonian Conure, Queen of Bavaria's Conure, Nanday Conure, Fiery-shouldered Conure, Maroon-bellied Conure, Green-cheeked Conure, Crimson-bellied Conure and the Painted Conure.


Author: Dr Danny Brown

Cost: $52.50

Housing, Feeding Methods and Nutrition, Catching, Handling and Transporting, Reproductive Manipulation Techniques, Choosing your Stock, Making the most of your Avian Veterinarian, Common Diseases and Disorders, Administration of Medication.

A world first in aviculture, this title covers all species in this group available to the Australian aviculturist. Stunning colour photography throughout is supported by precise, easy-to-read information on the care, management, health and breeding of these unique birds.


Pigeons and Doves - Wompoo Pigeon, Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, Purple-crowned Fruit-Dove, Torres Strait Pigeon, Topknot Pigeon, White-headed Pigeon, Wonga Pigeon, Green-winged Pigeon, Brown Pigeon, Common Bronzewing, Brush Bronzewing, Crested Pigeon, Flock Pigeon, Squatter Pigeon, Partridge Pigeon, Spinifex Pigeon, Rock Pigeon, Diamond Dove, Peaceful Dove, Bar-shouldered Dove, Barbary Dove, Spotted Turtledove, Senegal Dove, Ruddy Turtledove, Masked Dove, Talpacoti Dove, Bleeding Heart Pigeon, New Guinea Ground Dove, Nicobar Pigeon, Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

Quail - Brown, King, Stubble, Japanese, Bobwhite, Californian, Little Button, Painted Button, Black-breasted Button, Red-chested Button, Red-backed Button.

A Guide to Rosellas and their Mutations Pages: 80
Author: ABK Publications Cost: $31.50

General Management, Acquiring Stock, Feeding, Sprouting, Breeding, Sexing, Genetic Tables and Diseases.

This full colour title features the general management, care and breeding of the Platycercus genus. Breeding expectations including genetic tables and mutations are discussed for each species and their subspecies. Beautiful photography throughout.


Eastern, Tasmanian Eastern, Golden-mantled, Pale-headed, Blue-cheeked, Northern, Kimberley Northern, Western, Red-backed Western, Crimson, Northern Crimson, Yellow, Adelaide and Tasmanian Rosella and their mutations.

Good Bird - A Guide to Solving Behavioral Problems in Companion Parrots Pages: 81

Author: Barbara Heidenreich Cost: $20.50

Consisting of 81 pages in soft cover format, with black and white images and illustrations throughout. This compact reference includes advice on basic problems to solving behaviours such as Screaming, Biting, and Bonding to One Person, Cage-bound Bird and Feather Picking.

PARROTS Hand-feeding and Nursery Management Pages: 104
Author: Rick Jordan Cost: $59.40

The sequel to Rick Jordan's extremely successful Parrot Incubation Procedures, Rick Jordan and Howard Voren have combined their talents to produce the most comprehensive guide to hand-feeding ever. Eleven chapters provide detailed, first-hand knowledge of everything you will ever need to successfully raise baby parrots, including hand-feeding formulas, feeding instruments and techniques, weight monitoring, maintenance of nestlings and the nursery, potential health problems, medical procedures, weaning, and much more.

JUST for BIRDS note:

This is one of three books that are a “must” to have as a handy reference.

Published in Canada.

Lovebirds - Owners' Manual and Reference Guide Pages: 303
Author: Dirk Van den Abeele Cost: $59.95

This up-to-date 303-page text presents comprehensive details on nine members of the Agapornis genus. Supported by numerous colour photographs the chapters include: Buying, Feeding, A Home for your Lovebirds, Breeding, Breeding Problems, Handraising, Breeding Mutations, Feather Structure, Genetics, Mode of Inheritance and Transmutations. Further chapters cover extensively the specific species, their breeding, mutations and showing. All the latest mutations are discussed in detail. This book is the newest and hottest Lovebird book on the market.

Simply; “a must-have”.
Beautifully illustrated.
In hardcover only.
From Europe.

This book is the newest and hottest Lovebird book on the market.

Simply; “a must-have”.

Beautifully illustrated.

In hardcover only.

From Europe.

The Coloured Atlas of Lovebirds Pages: 192
Author: Dr Alessandro D' Angieri Cost: $33.00

The popular Agapornis species-Peach-face, Masked, Nyasa, Black-cheeked and Fischer's are all featured in this full colour 192-page hardcover title. Topics include Behavior, Breeding, Pigments and Plumage Colouration, Genetics and Mutations.

The quality of images is a little disappointing however this title is now out-of-print and for the keen Agapornis lovebird enthusiast there is valuable information in this title making it a worthwhile addition to the reference library.

Last stocks.

A collector’s item.

The Professional’s Book of Lovebirds

Pages: 160
Author: John Coburn Cost: $29.95

Chapters in this book cover lovebird natural history, cages and aviaries, species and varieties, nutrition, breeding, health and hygiene, and exhibition.

Although 15 years old; this book has plenty of full-page colour photos and is great for the beginner.

Typical of the TFH book-style; this one differs in that it is a full-size book rather than the little had-covers that TFH is so famous for having traditionally published.

Published: 1991

Illustrations: Color photos and drawings

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 8.75" x 11.375"

No longer available from TFH – not currently published.

I bought up some at a book store chain while I was in Malaysia in 2006.

Limited supply remaining.

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: A Love Story With Wings

Pages: 288
Author: Mark Bittner Cost: $33.00

What began as one person's simple journal has mushroomed into a book and film phenomenon saluted by parrot lovers around the globe. Mark Bittner's book The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: A Love Story with Wings tells the tale of an unusual relationship between the author and a flock of wild Red-masked Conure Parrots living in the vicinity of San Francisco's Telegraph Hill in the USA.

While living there, he noticed the parrots that frequented the area and found himself drawn to them, as he desperately sought meaning for life through a connection with nature. Bittner found that meaning, as one by one, the flock began to fly to his balcony. He developed close bonds with many of the birds, feeding them, watching them, and even helping nurse some sick and injured birds back to health.

This story explores the experience, sensitivity and depth of insight in human life and bird life.

Of particular interest to me (Jerry) is that I saw these Conures “in the wild” when I lived in the San Francisco Bay area.

Often I would be supervising the work on tower cranes (no – not a type of bird!) across the bay from where I lived in San Leandro, CA.

At the time; I only saw what I thought were a couple birds and I recall thinking it was sad that someone’s pets had flew out the window.

The Gouldian Finch Pages: 239
Authors: Stewart Evans and Mike Fidler Cost: $78.50

Stewart Evans and Mike Fidler, with input by Dr Stacey Gelis, Russell Kingston, Dr Debra McDonald, David Myers and Sarah Pryke, have combined to produce the definitive work on what is arguable the world's most beautiful and popular passerine.

With 240 pages and over 100 colour plates, this book, based on many years of research and experience, is a wealth of information, covering the species in the wild and of the breeding in captivity, health and diseases, nutrition, ultraviolet vision, mutations and genetics and much more.

Case bound and finished in hard cover with gold leaf, this quality piece will be highly sought after for decades to come.
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