Disinfectants, Remedies and Medicinals
JUST for BIRDS stocks various remedies, disinfectants and a line of avian medicinals for the novice or for the experienced aviculturist.

Some of the remedies are simple anti-feather-plucking products while others require an advanced aviculturist knowledge of diseases and\or bothersome avian pests, mites or worms. These are all over-the-counter items requiring no prescription.

Cage and Aviary Disinfectant:

VIRKON: This product is mentioned in almost every British Budgie publication printed. It is used extensively in the poultry industry as it has proven effective against 18 separate virus families which effect man and animals. Virkon has a proven efficiency against 61 strains of virus, 397 strains of bacteria, 45 strains of fungus and 6 strains of spores! It even kills the bacteria which make methane from feces so it can also be used to keep your aviary smelling clean and fresh. Virkon is a 1-step cleaning and disinfecting agent which is easily applied and mixed. Just add powder to water in the required dilution and spray onto the desired areas. It can even be used - in the proper diluted state - for drinking water sanitization.

50 gms for a .2% solution makes 25 litres.

As well;Virkon:
a: has no limit on exposure time
b: is a safe product
c: is non corrosive & chlorine-free
d: destroys bacteria & viruses on wood surfaces

Review the following pages which list a few of the diseases only Virkon will eradicate quickly. Then; decide if your aviary can be without this product.

50 gms is just $8.00

Sprouting Mixture

Virkon: Disinfectants, Remedies and Medicinals
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