About Us

JUST for BIRDS is an avian supply business located in the Lower Mainland area of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Presently, Siriwan and Jerry Schmidt are the proprietors of this small business.

Previously……. well; we are guessing we are probably the 4th owners of this business. Our seed mixtures were developed by breeders over the years and handed down like “secret family recipes”. The previous owners had limited access to various products. Since our ownership we have expanded the product list to include Nekton Vitamins, CeDe & Ravasi eggfoods, avian Specialty Books, Avian Posters, Cage Management Products, Drinkers, Feeders, Pharmaceuticals, Parrot Soap (from Thailand), True Blue Grit, Pretty Bird, Roudybush, Kaytee and so many other products for the avian enthusiast and/or pet owner that we have a difficult time to even list all the products available.

We also refer our breeder/customers to those looking for a certain bird or type of bird. This is a free service for our customers. We also work closely with a few importers in order to assist our customers with the supply of new mutations and breeding stock.

Our business supports the local clubs, Refuges, the S.P.C.A. and we operate an “Eclectus Refuge” ourselves.

Siriwan and I came to own this business as there was a need to provide reasonable costs for the aviary owner. Most folks who have one or two pet birds are quite content with the “Big Box” Pet Store, however; the aviary operator cannot possibly function paying the “Pet Store Prices” when he/she has several (in a few cases +100 birds) in their care.

Hence: JUST for BIRDS.

Siriwan grew up in Thailand where she owned a Mynah as a child. I usually had a bird of some sort. Budgies, Java Rice Finches, an Owl, two Crows, a Magpie……. Then; when I lived in Hawaii, I purchased a lovely pair of Solomon Island Eclectus and a yellow Fischers Lovebird.

Anyway; with our interest in and our love of birds of most types; we have been able to build this business and meet so very many people who have become friends to us and our boys. We hope to be able to assist you with your avian interests and to meet you through our business.

Jerry, Siriwan, Asanee & Atid.