JUST for BIRDS is the number 1 choice of breeders for incidentals, literature, information and nutritional supplies in the Vancouver area.

As a service to our many breeder-customers we offer the service of marketing baby birds for our many breeder-customers. We do not import baby birds from out-of-province.

For the smaller finches and canaries we will generally take your name and number and have a breeder contact you directly. Specialty finches such as Orange and Yellow Weavers and Whydahs and Parrot finches can be custom ordered from us.

Our suppliers of these birds are importers who supply legally imported captive-bred or domestic bred finches and canaries.

None of these birds are wild caught.

Baby parrots are available at our outlet on Fraser Highway.

As you know and will appreciate; a quality and caring breeder is entirely involved with hand-feeding and socializing baby birds from the time the egg pips until the baby is ready to be presented to a potential new family. Since the breeder is busy ensuring babies are brought up healthy and happy it is often the case the breeders’ life and time are consumed with hand rearing the little tykes. And as we ourselves well know; it is quite often very difficult to let go of a special baby bird that becomes attached to its human “parent”.

Generally baby birds are available through JUST for BIRDS are substantially less than other “Bird Studios” due to our close and ongoing relationships with breeders. Our main business is supplying the breeders and owners with their supplies. Unlike other pet stores and “Bird Studios” our baby birds are old enough and healthy enough to be shipped and JUST for BIRDS is able to provide this service to out of town customers. Typically shipping to almost anywhere in Canada (via West Jet) is about $65.00.

Ongoing baby birds available at JUST for BIRDS are:
Amazons: Yellow napped

Double-yellow head
Indian Ringnecks:
Green (nominate)
Silver (rare but available exclusively)
Blue (normal, skyblue, tuquoise)
Grey (dark, pearl, pewter)

Lacewing varieties
Alexandrines parakeets
Moustache parakeets
Please call for availability.
All babies are health guaranteed and a dna sexing certificate can be provided.
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